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General Information

Can I let someone use an INNOVA MOVE scooter if I made the reservation?

Absolutely not! You must be the only driver of the scooters booked through your INNOVA MOVE account. If you allow other users or people to use your INNOVA MOVE account, you will receive a fine, as indicated in the terms and conditions.

Can I bring a passenger?

Yes, the scooter is approved for two people. In the top case you will find two helmets of different sizes for the driver and the passenger. However, the driver must be the person registered with the service who made the reservation.

Do I have to bring a helmet?

It is not needed. Each scooter is equipped with two helmets of different sizes. To access it, start the rental on the app and the top box will automatically open, inside which, in addition to the helmets, you will find hygienic caps and the scooter documents.

Can I go anywhere I want?

You will be able to go on all the roads where 50cc scooters are allowed within the Service Area marked in red on the map. Remember to park the e-scooter in the areas highlighted in blue on the app’s map. Before starting the rental, check the autonomy of the scooter in order to end the rental within this area. The range value in km is approximately half of the battery charge value you see on the vehicle display. (e.g. 100%= about 50 km of autonomy going on the plain with a driver weighing about 75 kg). You can enter the ZTL only if they are NOT active. For more information on activation times and days, visit the website

What are the areas highlighted in blue on the map?

These are the areas in which the scooters available at the time of booking are located and in which it is necessary to return the scooter to end the rental.You can park your scooter and end your rental wherever you want within this zone, if it is an authorized public space for parking motorcycles.During the rental period, you are free to drive and temporarily stop in the stalls permitted by the Highway Code and regulations in force, inside or outside the areas highlighted in blue on the Map.

Do I have to take care of recharging the scooter?

Absolutely not! We’ll take care of the recharging, we will take care to ensure that the vehicle has sufficient autonomy to allow you to make your ride!

Am I insured?

Yes, all INNOVA MOVE scooters are covered by RCA provided that it complies with the provisions of the General Contract Conditions. The user’s responsibilities are not covered by insurance (e.g. damage to the scooter, or in the event of an accident, the user is responsible for damage caused to the scooter used)

Can I enter the ZTL areas?

You can enter the ZTL only if they are NOT active. For more information on activation times and days, visit the website

Where can I park?

Always park in compliance with the highway code and current regulations. The rental can only be terminated by leaving the vehicle in the areas highlighted in blue on the map. Outside of them, it can be left paused, and will remain at your disposal.

Can I park on the blue lines?

No, in Ragusa two-wheeled vehicles cannot park within the blue lines.

Can I make a temporary stop?

Yes! You can also make a stop outside the area highlighted in blue on the Map. You will only have to place the helmets in the top case and connect them to the jacks, check that the top case is properly closed, open the app and select “Pause the journey”. As soon as the scooter ignition switches off you will be parked. You can always resume the rental from the app, with the “Resume trip” function. Remember that the cost of the rental does not stop even during the stop, since the scooter is reserved only for you.

What kind of scooter does INNOVA MOVE use?

The scooters used for sharing are the Super Soco CUX motorcycles, they are equivalent to 50cc vehicles and can reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h. You can also find them for sale at our INNOVA MOVE shop in Piazza Libertà, 18 (Ragusa) together with a wide range of 100% electric vehicles.

What range do scooters have?

Innova Move electric scooters have a range of 50 km. The range value in km is approximately half of the battery charge value you see on the vehicle display. (e.g. 100% battery = about 50 km of autonomy traveling on the plain with a driver weighing about 75 kg). When booking, check that the available autonomy is sufficient to cover the distance you will have to travel.

How and when do I have to pay?

At the end of the rental, the amount due relating to the actual use of the scooter (driving time and any stops) will be charged using the payment method selected during registration. You can check your travel report at any time in the My Trips section of the app. A pre-authorization of €5 is required to check availability on the card.

When can I rent the scooter?

The service is available 24/7. It is therefore possible to book and rent a scooter whenever you want.

Where is the service active?

The INNOVA MOVE service is currently active in the city of Ragusa (Ragusa Superiore, Ibla and Marina di Ragusa). When registering, you agree to receive news and information to keep up to date. Soon there will be important news!

How do I access the service?

Download the INNOVA MOVE app available on the App Store and Google Play! It is compatible with iOS and Android


INNOVA MOVE is a scooter sharing service active 24 hours a day. All the scooters chosen by INNOVA MOVE are 100% motorcycles (50 cc equivalent). You can rent them, with a rate per minute, through the Innova Move App which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. No subscriptions: you only pay if you drive and registration is free! You’ll get all the benefits of driving an electric vehicle, without having to worry about recharging.

What is the minimum age to access the service?

You must be 18 years old and hold a valid driving licence. Category AM, A, A1, A2, B, C or D licenses are accepted


How long does it take for account approval?

Once the registration is complete, our team will verify that everything is ok and activate the account within a maximum of 48 hours. Check in the application that your registration has been completed. If after 48 hours your account has not been activated, it means that something is missing or some document has not been accepted, you will receive an email explaining how to solve the problem.
As soon as your account is activated, you will receive a confirmation email and you can enjoy Innova Move!

For assistance contact us:
Telephone: +39 0932 246202
Cellulare: +39 3512275094

What documents are required during registration?

The service is only available to users over the age of 18.

When registering in the Innova Move application, you will be asked for the following data:
Telephone number
Name and surname
Date of birth
Tax identification number
Postal Code
Identification document number

You will also be asked to enter:
your credit, debit or prepaid card details;
front/back photo of identification documents;
front/back driving license photo;
an instant photo of your face taken directly from your smartphone (selfie).

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